Allow me to Introduce myself

My name is Mike Sherlock and I am the owner of Fleur Chocolatte in Vancouver, Washington.

Our truffles are made by hand every morning between 6 and 10 a.m. when the conditions are correct, as heat and humidity are the two main factors that are monitored closely.

As soon as the conditions are ideal, we begin hand-dipping the creations.

My story into the chocolate business has been a unique one, but my passion for small business combined with the art of chocolate making has steadily grown over time.

I retired after 30 years in the iron working business, and that retirement lasted 6 months before I started going stir crazy, I had to find something to keep me busy. I always thought that owning a little coffee shop would be fun, so I went online looking for an existing shop that was available. I found this one when it was in a different location, which was a terrible location.

I liked the set up but there was chocolate involved and I told the owner that I knew absolutely nothing about making chocolate. She told me that if I bought the shop, she would stay for two months and teach me how to do it. I wish she would have stayed for six. Long story short, I bought it.

The first few months on my own were challenging and it was apparent that I needed to move the shop to a more suitable location, which is how Fleur Chocolatte ended up in its current downtown Vancouver location. Business was still struggling after the move, but I was determined to do what I could to make the company a success.

I started networking with other small business owners in the area. That’s when things started to change, and this is extremely important. You can build a small business on your own, but it’s a lot easier when you have the input from people that have done it themselves.

I believe that my success so far can be attributed to the locals that stop in every day for coffee in the morning and chocolate in the afternoon, for without their continued support on a daily basis I would still be struggling. I’m very grateful.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic had shifted business and the economy, I have decided that I would begin to shift some of his focus to online orders. I have had the ability to already shipped my chocolates all over the country and I am now ready to formalize the process. 

Your orders help support small businesses, which are the backbone of our country.